Hi. I’m Joe Winter, currently 80, and have been writing poetry for over 60 years.

I’ve published a certain amount with Anvil, whose stock is now with Carcanet Press, in conjunction with a good deal of translation from other poets. (This too – I hope – is poetry in its own right, my contribution that of agent rather than author.)

All my original poems are also published by Writers Workshop, a semi-private press in Kolkata, India, where I lived for a number of years not so long ago. Books of literary criticism (on Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Hamlet) are with Sussex Academic Press, who have also brought out my transcreations of Beowulf and Pearl. It goes on. However, the main intent of this website is simply to share my poetry with those of you who may be interested.

Comments made in a constructive light are very welcome and will be answered. All my original poetry is here. I hope a good deal of discussion will ensue which may be of interest in itself; but more than that, I feel it is time to let the poems find their way into the common domain, in some sense to relinquish my hold, for my words to be yours as well. As to which, take what you like. If there’s such a thing as a purpose in my life, it’s to be able to give it. So here goes.

Joe Winter

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