Borough Politics

with regards to Wimbledon Liberal party

I had authority to buy ink
we examined all records to ascertain the facts
this was a thing which the ward should discuss
I had authority to buy ink
we as an executive could not implement the motion
West Ward convened a special meeting of the executive
I had authority to buy ink
we discussed the V.A.T. for twenty minutes
Mr Chairman, the facts don’t tally
the leaflets will go out next week
I had authority to buy ink
with only two part-timers the situation was desperate
I don’t know whether you want to consider
we have enough on our backs already
I had authority
who is the one who decides where the ads go in
the same thing happened last year
couldn’t we go to the Press Council
we thought we’d play it by ear this year
Mr Chairman, Mr Chairman
in view of today’s White Paper
Mr Chairman I am reduced to speaking in pencil
reduced to thinking in pencil
but Mr Chairman, listen
I had authority to buy ink.

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