Concert Pianist

John Bingham

I will make the treble sing, a singing voice of air
I will make the alto speak, in water’s speaking tones
and let their counterpart, the tenor voice declare
the tenor flame, and let bass name Earth’s bass, its hidden stones

and a blind boy stands before me and sings the air his songs
and a woman like a swan on water speaks the water’s notes
and a man’s voice lets fire climb up, where gist of fire belongs,
about, above and up, or in Earth’s caverns floats

This evening I will be Earth in its earth, air, water, fire
and let streams run and breezes blow, and lava flow, volcanoes storm,
or count the metals, blades of grass, so finger and admire
my treasure-chest of harmony, and wonder that the warm

touch of the sun drew Earth’s response, and this response in me
who finger notes, the black and white, on an eternal key.

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