Confirmation Day

for Chris

Today you touch the ways of God
my son, and set foot in that land
where mystery goes hand in hand
with truth. Today where saints have trod
you pass – resilient thin lad
up to the neck in sports and science –
today you find a new alliance
and reinforce the one you had.

Today through a gate opening
come the years: the strong young man
alight with jobs and travel. Who can
prevent the future happening?
The stream runs on: today I see
a man at some keyed-in controls,
who knowledgeable as it rolls
rides past on the next century.

The time is quiet. Now in this church
there is no future and no past.
There is a boy, whose first and last
is life, and love of life. I search
for words, but there are none. The day
is yours; a time with all its hours
in which to hear life’s word, is yours.
My son, I see you touch God’s way.

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