For Mr Laloux

You are not here.
Years upon years
you had of life,
its cheers and jeers.

A knight you were.
Church music grew
and took more life
because of you.

So many boys,
now men, you caught
their music, and
helped tune their thought.

A teacher who
knew music’s peal,
made it ring true,
himself as real.

A teacher who
discarded fame.
You did not try
for a fine name

But worked with boys.
There is a floor
that knows your sound
for evermore.

So what of you
we inherit,
bumbling tread,
cheerful spirit,

And light grand art –
at times a word
of a life-speech
stays on, is heard

For centuries.
And so with you:
you stump through time,
Fernand Laloux,

Wise and whistling,
doing things well.
But first the sound
of the church-bell.

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