In fact the whole decision was down
to you people –
proposals, dreams, all these belonged
to you people –
we were left to agree
yes or no,
to reflect in silence.
And if one wants to express one’s buried feelings –
there is soil there, there is water there,
and underneath
fire and lava!

In fact change is in the air, it can all change!
It’s the way of it now:
today’s advertisement sends us out for this and that;
and tomorrow’s new ad
makes it all obsolete, market rubbish!
Now change itself is under control:
which is why
it’s all transparent, like a glass of drinking-water.
You agree a contract in life
or else clear off.

In fact it’s the way of today’s proposals:
you buy what’s on offer, or else sell yourself.
But for some who can do neither of these,
for some still today there is
a backbone of iron and a voice of steel:
No and No
and No . . . !

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