Often I Go

Often I go
on a trip in space
I close my eyes
behind my face
an impulse takes me
through rushing plains
of dark to where
swift lit-up grains
of flying matter
tell a tale
of ever-creation
a lightning-trail
of shapes and shadows
and gleaming corners
in an abyss
flying falling
out on my own
I am protected
by a kinship
with unmaking
and making again
Life, life is taking
me who knows where
the universe
allows for me
and my poor verse
it sends me out
often I go
into the dark
and still a flow
of elemental
hurls me on
the precipice
of death I’ll come to
in a while
Oh but the journey’s
worth a smile
I have looked in
at the making-place
of all that is
behind my face
it lies, and outwards
forward, backward
elements rare
and common showing
a crucible
of all that is
how beautiful
a closed-eye glimpse
a flying trip
to visit the
swift workmanship
of cosmic being
the alchemy
of Nature’s changing
including that
meant and unmeant
by words, the human

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