for R.

Woman in your brown eyes glints a new woman
her burns heal and after the burn she is whole
her foot is sure at night where there is no footpath
on the savage blind road of sunlight is no blinding
in the din of each second’s note is no false note
her music is quick and she is quick to move forward
and free of all weapons she is free

Woman in your dark soul is a pure darkness
I cannot see but know that no sight is needed
I cannot touch but there is a river I touch
as water braves a stream with its new water
just at a second your tide overtook my tide
your tears laughed, laughter wept at the same instant
as tears of smiling fell I fell in love

Woman to whom Fortune a fortunate girl-child
gifts and gifts again day and day over
trust her still to be strong as you are strong
in your certain light she will follow or not follow
she will dance to the sun and know a new world’s sunlight
and your quick tread will know a new way quickly
though now your smiles dance over a dance of pain

Woman whose passion to be speaks with my passion
in the dark I may fail you, in my own blind dark
I may fashion hurt but I am no craftsman of hurt
in the calling of my poem is a calling to know you
and though your beautiful face will face all things alone
in the near time you may know the nearness
of one who loves the same eyes of the same new woman.

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